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Roof-Tech understands your need for a quality coating for your new roof. That’s why we’re proud partners with Lapolla. You can rest easy with Lapolla products protecting your newly minted roof.

Advantages to Using Lapolla Products

Lapolla has three distinct kinds of roof coating to suit your needs.  Whether you need roof protection for your commercial building or your home, Lapolla has you covered.  While each Lapolla roof coating provides distinct advantages, they can also be used in combination to address the specific needs of your roof, ensuring your home or business is protected.

Foam-Lok spray foam from Lapolla has a wide variety of applications. It’s perfect for residential use, agricultural and commercial buildings, as well as industrial buildings.  Foam-Lok seals the roof with weather-tight polyurethane, making your building more energy efficient and helping to lowering your heating bills.

Using Lapolla Thermo-Flex provides one more layer of protection for your roof.  Thermo-Flex sealant can be applied over new and existing roofs.  This means that Thermo-Flex it eliminates some of the costly and risky aspects of re-roofing, such as “tear off”, interior exposure, and landfill fees.  Applying Thermo-Flex over the existing roof prolongs the life of your roof.

Homeowners and business owners know the importance of a weather-resilient roof and that a leaky roof needs to be repaired as soon as possible.  If you want to ensure that your roof stays in good condition for years to come, consider the restoration coating system (RCS) from Lapolla. RCS is aesthetically pleasing as well as economically friendly.  You can relax knowing that you have a beautiful, weather-tight roof that didn’t break your budget.

Contact Roof-Tech today to learn more about Lapolla products and how they can be the best solution to your roofing problem.