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Why Stone-Coated Steel?

Advantages of 26-Gauge Stone-Coated Steel

Stone-coated steel roofs come with a 50-year warranty to protect you from wind and hail damage and the need to replace your roof. A 50-year warranty means that you may never have to worry about replacing your roof again. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with a 50-year guarantee, if you should sell your house during those 50 years, the guarantee is transferable to the new owner.

A 26-gauge stone-coated steel roof installed by Roof-Tech lasts longer than other non-steel roofing materials such as asphalt and wood shakes; protecting your roof from wind and hail damage. Stone-coated steel roofs have a Class A Fire rating which means an added level of safety for your family. The lightweight design of 26-gauge stone-coated steel also protects against roof collapse and structural damage. For these reasons, in most areas, a stone-coated steel roof qualifies for insurance discounts.

During the 50 years, your roof is protected by its guarantee, you can expect your stone-coated steel roof to help control heating and cooling costs. The installation of a stone-coated steel roof establishes a buffer zone between the roof and the attic. This buffer zone helps protect your attic from summer’s heat and winter’s cold, saving you money over the lifetime of your roof. The energy-savings of a stone-coated steel roof protects your budget and the environment.

Stone-coated steel comes in a variety of styles and colors guaranteed to fit your house. Gone are the days where a residential steel roof meant an “industrial” roof. A stone-coated steel roof will add beauty and durability to your home in a way you might not have previously thought possible.

Contact Roof-Tech Inc. today to learn how a 26- gauge stone-coated steel roof can be your next roof and your last roof.