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Testimonials from Customers

I was happy with their work, the speed at which it was completed, and it was easy to get in contact with them. -John Lindburg

They got here quick to do the job, they got the job done quick and they picked up after themselves.  The courtesy of the crew, the rep and the office staff was excellent! Joe Moyer

I did not have to wait a long time for them to come out here and they were professional and polite. -Sandy

They got in and got it done and didn’t mess around.  My Roof-Tech specialist was very easy to get a hold of – if he didn’t answer he would call back within 15 minutes. -Chad Thompson

They follow the rules for safety and they do their work – there’s no need to keep checking on them. -Dennis Tillman

It looks great.  They got it done in one day – none of this “we’ll have to come back tomorrow” and not show up.  They got it all done and cleaned up in one day! -Joe Martin

After I called them the first time, they got back in touch with me straight away – Dwight came out that same evening.  Everything went very smooth and I was really pleased. -Chris Toye

There was no high-pressure sales pitch. -Cindy Manrose

If we had questions, we got an answer; they came when they said they would.  They worked long hours and the yard was perfect when they left. -Delores Pontious

They were quick, they stayed right at it; they didn’t mess around or waste anytime.  After they had cleaned up, the gentleman came back the next day to make sure everything had been picked up. -Jerry Kellison

They were timely, professional, and courteous. -Ed Bantam

They gave me the lowest quote and finished everything in one day. -Brandon and Julie Meier

Every question I had was answered thoroughly – Neil would respond right away by email or by phone or, if he had time, he would come over to the house to answer my questions. -Keith Gilbert

They were easy to work with – Neil communicated everything clearly and answered all of my questions and the crew did the work in a timely manner. -James Hammond

It was their attention to detail – when they were done, they shoveled off the deck and then they swept it off and then they used a leaf blower. -Christopher Miller

They were professional, knowledgeable about the job and they were quick – I could not have asked for a better crew. -Cliff Hamm

There was absolute communication throughout the process – they helped me understand what was happening with my roof throughout. I was very happy – the communication, the work, and the price. -Tiana McKee

They explained everything about different types of roofs and were quick to schedule the job, and once they were here, they got it done quickly. -Keri Sheffield

Roof-Tech has competitive prices and the crew did an excellent job – they stayed on task and did not leave a mess. -Joe Place

They got the job done very fast and they did an outstanding job of cleaning up – they even got stuff out of the pool. -Shaun Thornton

Roof-Tech’s pricing is very competitive and they did awesome work – I recommend them! -Jon Damewood

He walked me through everything and explained things. He was very professional and courteous. Overall, it was a great experience – from start to finish! -Terry Cross

They were prompt with the estimate and, after I signed the paperwork, they were very prompt in getting the job done. -Mark Sievering

I was very satisfied with the work and he assured me that if anything went wrong, he would be back to fix it. It was just great! -Susan Castle

Being able to talk directly with the representative and the person in charge of the men made things easier to understand if I had questions. When they were done, the place was left clean. -Tom Olson

The customer service was great – they were fast and someone called to make sure it was done. -Rob Brammer

They were very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. -Janice Phillis

The Roof-Tech specialist informed me of everything that needed to be done and what could happen in the future. He cleaned up well after himself – even took away the old shingles. -Gary McIntyre

They did exactly what they said they would do. Other places that gave me an estimate did not follow through. -Rick Nielsen

They did an excellent job in a short amount of time and they cleaned up nicely. I thought I’d be finding nails for weeks but that was not the case at all! I just know that if I need to have work on my roof, I would call Roof-Tech again. -Tom Miller

Because of how prompt Andy was with the estimate. A lot of the other contractors just wanted to give me a price based on my description without even getting on the roof. But Andy came out, looked at the roof and, within 30 minutes, emailed me an estimate. Also, Andy and the guys working out there were kind and courteous – everybody was really pleasant to work with. -Mike Nolte

They got everything done in a timely manner. -Lester Reab

From start to finish I had no problems with their workmanship and timeliness. -Mike Clark