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We Do Roof Certifications and Inspections in Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska

As a leader in complete roofing services, Roof-Tech can provide a roof inspection or certification. Choosing Roof-Tech for your roof inspection or certification means that you can be certain it was done promptly, thoroughly, and correctly.

Our Roof Inspection Process

Our roof inspection process begins with making observations from the ground. Then we move to the roof, taking measurements and gathering information about the type of roofing material, field exposure, quality of installation, accessories such as satellite dishes, and assessment of the roof’s general condition.

Next a diagram of the roof is created using the measurements and information collected from the roof. Additionally, we take photographs to record some details. Finally, we prepare a written report. Those findings may include manufacturing or installation defects, roof damage (and the possible cause), mechanical damage, and defects caused by long-term exposure.

Our Roof Certification Process

Our roof certification process can assure the buyer or the seller that the roof is in good condition and a fair value has been assigned. Once we complete an inspection and, if necessary, properly repair any damage discovered, we issue a three-year, no-leak guarantee. This means that if a certified roof does leak over the course of the next three years (barring weather damage or an act of God), we will repair the roof and any damages inside the house for free.

It’s Easy to Schedule a Roof Inspection or Certification

Whether you need a roof inspection or a roof certification, we can schedule it when you call Roof-Tech toll-free at 800-289-6895 or send your contact information to us using the Request a FREE Estimate form: